NEW YORK BASED MUSLIM ACTIVIST PRAISES ISIS CHURCH BOMBERS ON FACEBOOK: “The Crescent Must Always Be on Top of the Cross”…So Much For Coexist [Video]

A NEW YORK-BASED MUSLIM WOMAN WHO HAS 1 MILLION FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS has posted several videos of the ISIS attack in Egypt (SEE FACEBOOK VIDEO BELOW) with support for ISIS!

The comments on her Facebook page are praising the attacks. It’s a plethora of Alahu Akbars. Unbelievable!

New York-Based Muslim Activist Ayat Oraby Calls for Economic Boycott of Copts: The Crescent Must Always Be on Top of the Cross

In a video posted on her Facebook page on September 21, New York-based Egyptian-American activist Ayat Oraby called the Coptic church “a gang, striving to establish a Coptic mini-state,” and “a full-fledged mafia,” and described Pope Tawadros as “a criminal.” Oraby called upon Muslims to participate in an economic boycott of Copts, saying that: “They must be made to understand that the crescent must be on top of the cross.”

This woman has over 1 million followers on Facebook!

Video bombing from another angle.. doesn’t show the officer embrace (suicide)

The detonation centre mainly inside away from the gate of the metal detector and explosives!! (halfway through the second 17)

Suicide’s alleged decided to blow himself up in the 2 security officials veiled and undo blast inside the church.. in addition to high morals to go through the gate of explosive explosive detection.. Obviously, there are increasingly sophisticated in ethics ( Bombers)

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