Trey Gowdy Made FBI Agents Investigating Hillary Admit They Have NO IDEA What They’re Doing

There’s nothing better in government than seeing someone get completely and utterly destroyed in an argument or debate. Trey Gowdy is an absolute master of the debate and argument and he shows it time and time again.

However, when it comes to something as important as national security and the safety of Americans, Gowdy never pulls any punches. So when the topic of Hillary Clinton, her emails, and the unending stream of lies she’s put forward comes up, Gowdy doesn’t just pull any punches, he dismantles who he’s arguing against and shows why this whole situation is absurd in the highest regard.

That’s exactly what happened at the latest congressional hearing about Clinton’s emails and the exchange of classified information, where the FBI declined to give Congress the necessary 302 reports (summary of an FBI agent’s interactions in a given case). The FBI said that the full reports would need a Freedom Of Information Act inquiry (FOIA), and Gowdy didn’t exactly take that laying down.

Sit back and enjoy this one, Gowdy is FIRED UP!

This is why we love Gowdy here at Yes I’m Right. Donald Trump needs to appoint him as the Attorney General, because having a mind like that and a person with that knowledge base that loves America and cares about the safety of Americans on our staff would make your government all that much stronger.

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