10 tips how to counter Islam

1) Fight, stop and roll back all types of Sharia
Islamic law, Sharia, is opposed to secular, democratic laws and humanistic values. It is not only discriminatory towards Muslim women, it demands Muslims to actively oppose democracy, and to fight, enslave and kill non-Muslims. By allowing Sharia into our societies, no matter in how small quantities, we are giving breathing air to a system that ultimately aims at our destruction. It also sends a welcoming signal to Islamic fundamentalists, that they can come and live without having to assimilate to our societies and values. It sends a signal to both Muslims and non-Muslims that democratic, humanistic values are worth less than the foreign and medieval, religious laws of a brutal religion.
Examples of Sharia:
  • Halal, Muslims-only prayer rooms, Islamic holidays and traditions in public institutions.
  • Islamic face-coverings (burqas and niqab) in public areas.
  • Islamic veils as part of public uniforms.
  • Dominating Islamic architecture in our cities.

2) Stop the mosques
Mosques spread a literal interpretation of the Islamic scriptures. They refuse to distance themselves to the criminal aspects of the Quran and Muhammed. Instead, they preach these as divine truths. Thus, mosques functions as rally points for Islamic fundamentalists and exercises social pressure on more moderate Muslims to adhere more strongly to the Sharia.

We must demand that mosques actively and consequently condemn the passages of the Islamic scriptures that call for – or even order – criminal behaviour. In most countries this can be done with reference to constitutional laws banning religions or organisations spreading a message of violence or public disorder.
We also must spread knowledge about the books that Mosques, Imams and Islamic organisations preach as divine truths every Friday in the middle of our vulnerable, democratic societies.

3) Support Free Speech: use it!

The only thing that Islam fear as much as a conscientious, diligent and sufficient police force (soon to be enforced by the military), is truth. That is why most Muslims are against Free Speech: because it allows us to expose the criminal intentions of Islam and reject Muslims’ demands for special treatment as cultural imperialism.
Therefore we must stand by Free speech, and there is no other real way to do this than by using it actively to criticise Islam. If possible, publicly and without hiding our face and name.
4) Stop Muslim immigration
Islam is spreading via emigration. The Quran even promises abundance and a divine reward for emigrating for the cause of Islam: “And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations and abundance,” says the Qur’an. “And whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him, his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah. And Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful.” (4:100)
Without Muslim immigration and refugees, Europe would not have had the massive problems with economy, safety and cultural destruction that we have to day, and which is now spreading to East Europe and USA, partly as a result of Islamic terrorists’ successful efforts to create large refugee streams.
We have to insist on full border control, complete national control with immigration and refugee laws (opposing EU and UN) and a full stop of Islamic immigration (including family reunifications). Bitter experience show, that it is impossible to integrate Islamic culture sufficiently. The result is devastating economical problems and the creation of parallel societies with extreme crime rates, functioning as hotbeds for terrorists and the spread of Sharia at the expense of secular law.
5) Giving people something to rally behind
A majority of Westeners is worried about Islam and Muslim immigration. But out of fear, most people do not speak out about it. To remove this fear it is important to make people aware that many other support their opinion and that there are strong, sympathetic communities and movements, that they can easily rally behind. One very successful such movement is the German Pegida demonstrations.
So find a way to make people aware that they are not alone with their aversion against Islam, and that there are normal, sympathetic citizens out there that they can join, and share and work together with.
And give people something they can rally behind and around: Slogans, symbols, newsletters, petitions, parties, organisations and movements, brave spokes women and men, demonstrations, blogs and social media groups.
Be an inspiring example by showing courage, being knowledgeable and acting without anger.