60 Minutes Goes To Sweden To Show How Peaceful Refugees Are, Entire Crew Gets Assaulted By Refugees

The film crew for Australia’s Nine Network News, 60 Minutes, went to Sweden to capture footage and interviews of migrants. In this segment, migrants being peaceful to contrast them from the violent ones causing riots. Right after the police left, however, one of the film crew was punched in the face by a refugee.

“Many locals are polite and friendly,” the narrator says. “And happy to talk. But what happened next changed everything. The police leave, and, as we prepare to go, young men masking their faces arrive,” she adds. The camera pans over to a verbal conflict between a migrant and one of the film crew. A hooded migrant wearing a parka kicks the sound technician. To which the technician warns “don’t you touch me,” in an Australian accent.

The migrant didn’t understand, apparently, because the technician was then punched square in the mouth.

The attack was seemingly unprovoked, but adherents of the Muslim faith have assaulted people merely for filming them before, saying that Westerners were “not allowed” to for reasons unknown.

The female reporter and narrator then tries to reason with the rabid migrants, telling them to be calm. The migrants ignore her and keep assaulting the film crew.

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