DOJ drops charges to protect Clinton’s presidential campaign

An arms dealer accused Hillary Clinton of transferring weapons to Islamic militants in Libya and Syria, further validating claims made by numerous whistleblowers on The Alex Jones Show.

Marc Turi, an American arms dealer accused by the DOJ of violating the Arms Export Control Act and lying to the State Department on official applications, claimed high level contacts inside and outside the US government requested he explore options to arm opposition fighters as they tried to overthrow Libyan President Moammar Qaddafi.

Among the documents and emails he claimed to possess are exchanges with members of Congress, as well as with high ranking members of the military and State Department employees.

“That’s where I came up with this ‘zero footprint’ Arab supply chain whereby, our foreign ally supplies another, Arab country,” Turi said.

Under Turi’s plan, the United States provided arms to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, Gulf State allies that also supported the overthrow of Qaddafi, who in turn provided the arms to Libyan militants.

“If you want to limit the exposure to the US government, what you simply do is outsource it to your allies,” Turi said. “The partners-the Qataris, and the Emiratis did exactly what they were contracted to do.”

While he never supplied the weapons to Qatar and the UAE himself, Turi said it was handled by the Bureau of Political and Military Affairs at the State Department, which was headed by key Clinton aide Andrew Shapiro.

In April, 2011, Turi emailed Ambassador (then envoy to the Libyan rebels) Chris Stevens to alert him of the potential arms transfer; Stevens indicated his intent to bring the issue to the attention of his superiors at the State Department.

Two months after his email with Stevens, and one month after his proposal was approved, Turi’s Phoenix home was raided by agents with the Department of Homeland Security.

Turi said he believed his plan was stolen from under him by the Clinton State Department, and accused the government of “chasing me all over the world for the past three years, speaking to associates of mine all over the United States and looking into my records and my past.”

While some of the weapons arrived in Libya, many ended up in the hands of Islamist rebels fighting to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“When this equipment landed in Libya, half went one way, and the half went the other way,” Turi said. “The half that went the other way is the half that ended up in Syria.”

He added that “there’s a backstory to the actual buy-back program of the surface-to-air missiles that were shipped and mysteriously disappeared out of Benghazi,” but said the details would be released “’another time.”

Charges against Turi were abruptly dropped last week as the government faced a deadline to turn over discovery documents to Turi’s legal team.

As part of their decision to drop the case, federal prosecutors requested Arizona District Court Judge David Campbell approve a confidentiality agreement that would prohibit Turi from releasing any documents related to the case.

Turi was set to go to trial on November 8 – ironically, the same day as the Presidential election. The DOJ’s decision to drop all charges against Turi will likely avert the release of documents that would damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President.

The truth is the United States government fully supported the overthrow of Libya’s government, and used the chaos as cover to facilitate an arms transfer to rebels in Syria, a program brought to light following the attack in Benghazi.

“A number of guests appearing on the Alex Jones Show following the attack have built an indisputable case that the CIA was shipping arms from U.S.-controlled facilities located at the U.S. mission in Benghazi to its mercenaries in Syria and the murder of ambassador Stevens was carried out by an al-Qaeda affiliated group as part of a turf war between the CIA and elements in the Pentagon,” Kurt Nimmo wrote at the time.

Retired Army Lt. General William G. Boykin suggested the United States was using the CIA annex in Benghazi to facilitate secret arms transfers to rebels in Syria, explaining Ambassador Chris Stevens’ presence in the city.

Turi’s account, as well as information from whistleblowers on The Alex Jones Show, demonstrate a concerted plan by the United States, NATO, Saudi Arabia and the Sunni Gulf States to arm and fund radical Wahhabist groups to destabilize the Middle East and bring about a clash of civilizations.

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