Baby’s born 3 months early. Dad films first year of baby’s life and result is beautiful

Every parent dreads the nightmare scenario of delivering a premature child. Although the likelihood of a premature baby surviving has increased due to new technology, it still is an upward battle for a premature baby to survive. Not only is the baby affected, but the parents too. They’re the ones who have to deal with the stress of making sure their baby survives.

A premature baby’s future is simple unpredictable and I would never want such a tragedy to befall any parents. Unfortunately, luck didn’t favor the Miles family.

Ward Miles was 3 1/2 months premature and was just 1 1/2 pounds when he was born. For the next 107 days, Ward remained in the hospital, fighting to stay alive. Benjamin, Ward’s father, wanted to make sure that no matter what happened, he would remember their short time together. So he decided to document Ward’s life every day to try and inspire others through Ward overcoming his obstacles.

Get prepared to have your heart strings pulled as you watch this video. There were moments that left me in tears, while they were moments that put a big smile on my face. I hope you enjoy this video as much I did and are inspired as much as I was!

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Source: Dad Documents Premature Son’s First Year of Life by benjaminscot on Rumble

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