Beheaded in the name of Allah

Friday’s attack to be the first case where jihadists have conducted beheading here in Europe. But it is not the first time they have planned to do so.

The details of Friday’s terror attack against a factory near Lyon in France is so bestial that they are almost difficult to describe.

France rocked by new terror attacks

One person was found beheaded after strike against the American-owned factory . The head should have been placed on a fence. It should have been found a flag with Arabic characters.

In the Middle East is beheading a familiar way to execute hostages on. In particular, the terrorist group IS become known for this barbaric killing method.

Several journalists who have been captured by the group, have lost their lives in this way.With live images of the atrocity spread on the internet.

Beheaded by IS

The biggest broadcast mass execution by beheading happened in Libya in February. Then21 Coptic Christians beheaded by IS because they had the “wrong” beliefs. Misdeed occurred in beachfront and the whole was staged and filmed as if it were a lavish filmmaking.

Thank God that IS not censored execution video

Friday’s misdeed outside Lyon is the first example of this phenomenon has now spread to Europe. But Islamists planned to do it earlier. In a country even closer to us than France.

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