Breaking! Where did COVID19 come from!? Steve Hilton explains!

The truth about the origin of Covid19 is now starting the leak. Many has been thinking there must be true Now it seems more proof of what so many belive is true is starting to leak. A must see about the truth behind the Covid19.

It was in Wuhan that the new coronavirus first spread between humans. There is general agreement that Covid-19 is based on a virus in bats. In the animal market, which was first designated as the source, bats are not sold.
Then came the information that in Wuhan there is China’s only high-level laboratory for research on just such coronavirus from bats – Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Researchers and the media have been trying to convince people of just that since February. The virus has been claimed with categorical certainty to be natural, fact checkers have thrown themselves over any doubt. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have removed content that has pointed out that the virus may have been released from a laboratory and that it was designed precisely to be as contagious as possible

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