Burzynski Cancer Cure Finally Released by The Feds

A doctor who claims he has the cure for cancer has won yet another court case against the US Government in his objective of getting his methods into the mainstream.

But Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s case has not been reported by the mainstream media, and why? Because the government and the drug companies work in such close quarters, and a cure for cancer means and end to the profits made from expensive cancer drugs and treatments.

The new cancer treatment is called antineoplastons, and combined with new gene-targeted therapy has produced amazing results, with a fraction of the cost of current cancer care, and if it becomes the main cancer treatment, the pharma companies are at stake to loose millions of dollars a year to Dr. Burzynski’s methods

The Burzynski Research Institute, Inc (BRI) recently sent a press release to the media informing them of the lifting of a two-year partial clinical hold on an investigative new drug that had been submitted for Antineoplastons A10/AS2-1 Injections. This means that Phase 3 trials can go ahead newly diagnosed cancer patients. Currently the Phase 3 trial deals with  Diffuse Instrinsic Brainstem Glioma.

There are four phases of cancer treatment, each with it’s own methods and drug treatments:
-Phase One: Safety determination of new treatment

-Phase Two: Response determination of a certain cancer to new treatment

-Phase Three: Verify that standard treatment  is less effective than new treatment

-Phase Four: Find more specific information about the new treatment after it has been approved  for human use

Dr. Burzynski’s treatment also scans 24,000 different genes and creates a program based on drugs and lifestyle changes to increase the success rate of the patient beating the cancer. However the current program relies heavily just on the administration of drugs.

Interestingly, US Government agents and members of the big pharmaceutical companies worked with Burzynski’s clinic to get Antineoplaston treatment research for eleven cancer patients, would they have let this happen if they believed the methods were phoney?

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