Wi-Fi health risks?

Wi-Fi has revolutionised the way we work, learn and live. While the radiation waves it emits are very low, some scientists fear it is damaging our health, and we will not know the full effects for generations to come. And they now want government standards reviewed before it is too late. MORE INFORMATION Australian Government …

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Nokias teknikdirektör under 10 år Matti Niemelä: Mobilstrålning förstörde min hälsa

Matti Niemelä är en av Nokias före detta teknikdirektörer och har varit involverad i utvecklingen av många av de tidiga mobiltelefonerna åt Nokia. Matti blev allvarligt sjuk från mobilindustrins mikrovågsstrålning. Dessutom fick han diagnosen multipel skleros (MS). Vissa studier tyder på att strålning kan öka risken för ens MS. Niemelä anser att vi har tigit alltför länge om riskerna. Han är …

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Mobile Telephony Harm

People in laboratory conditions exposed to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields exhibit the same symptoms as humans exposed in their real lives. Laboratory experiments show, among other damaged cells and altered molecular structures.Laboratory tests show how life’s basic mechanisms of change in structure and function. The epidemiological studies showing how health is affected if one spends much …

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Doctor Sigurd Nes warns strongly

All runs a health risk from exposure to radiation from wireless technology. It claims specialist in general medicine, Sigurd Nes in Bærum. He is very critical to the health authorities’ handling of the issue and are glad that Odd-Erik Helgesen stands out with its history. – Deregulation of the wireless technology is the world’s largest …

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Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

“I started to play around with electricity when I was thirteen years old. Around that time I got my first home computer system, which was to spark an interest in electricity and electronics. I left school at sixteen and became an apprentice electrician at the city center university research group for ten years, and I …

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Wireless Installation

Los Angeles Unified School District Accommodates Teacher Who Fell Ill After Wireless Installation Students were bleeding from the ears and nose and no incident reports were allowed by the school states the teacher who required medical intervention. On September 18, 2014, LAUSD, the second largest public school district in the US, officially accommodated teacher Ms. …

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WiFi in Schools – The Facts

Around the world an increasing number of governments and authorities have banned or warned against the use of wifi in schools. Many experts, scientists and doctors are warning the public to take a precautionary approach.

Radiation of iPad with WiFi

Doctors groups around the world have spoken up to call for Precaution against wireless radiation and for reduction of exposure, especially on Children, Youth, Pregnant Women and Babies. Our Advice – Children should only have access to an iPad under the following conditions: – Airplane Mode turned ON – WiFi turned OFF – iPad placed …

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