Egypt Drowns 8 Hamas Diggers in Gaza Tunnel Flooding, 7 Rescued

Seven Arab tunnel diggers were rescued by a search operation in Rafah city on the southern edge of the Gaza Strip Thursday, after Egyptian authorities had flooded a tunnel where they were working, Ma’an reported, citing Hamas security sources. Gazan authorities are searching for one worker who is believed to be still stuck inside the …

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A global act of false flag terror – on tour: Ole Dammegård

Ole Dammegård at the Open Mind Conference 2015. Ole is an author, inventor, former journalist and investigator, who has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to researching many of the global conspiracies. His main focus has been to find out the truth about the assassinations of the Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme, JFK, …

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Daily Mail-artiklar

Daily Mail-artiklar om mordet på Alexandra blockeras i Sverige eftersom mördarens ålder ifrågasätts Artiklar på Daily Mails hemsida som handlar om måndagens knivmord på Alexandra Mezher i Mölndal har under dagen blockerats för svenskar. Anledningen är att tidningens jurister inte vill att artiklarna ska kunna läsas från Sverige då de bland annat ifrågasätter den misstänktes …

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Norge vårt fedreland

Dette innslaget som handler om Malmø i vårt naboland Sverige bør og må alle se. Er det slike tilstander vi vil ha i Norge eller skal bremsene settes på før det er for sent? Klikk på linken for å se video

Eliminate the Impossible

Eliminate the Impossible by Jonathan Cole Once you have figured out the impossible then what remains, however improbable it may be, must be the truth.

Psychologists Speak Out

Why is it so hard for people to hear the truth about September 11th? Using its expertise in psychology and extensive experience of therapeutic work with trauma patients explaining these psychologists part of the grounds.

Welcome Refugees

Welcome Refugees?? I blame feminism, this is why Feminism has stripped men of masculinity and given women too much political and social power, it’s this “feelz” based politics that has Europeans welcoming their own destruction.

Toys war against Israel seriously

Children at summer camp in Gaza are trained in hatred and terrorism against Jews and Israel. Once again it comes images of minors Hamas gathers to summer camp to teach them how to kill Jews. On a picture that Israel Army (IDF) has posted on Twitter, we look Hamas fighters wearing black head scarves where …

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Europe IS the next big battleground

Europe’s IS the next big battleground. A year ago exclaimed IS a caliphate, are now planning the next step: to smuggle fighters over asylum flows which go to Europe. This writes the German newspaper Die Welt (29 June). “It is an alarming situation,” says Michele Coninsx which is the EU’s chief prosecutor and head of …

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