Construction Worker Finds Baby In Trash. 20 Years Later, She Sees Him Standing Right Behind Her

In October 1995, a Chicago construction worker was dropping off a load of trash when he heard whimpering sounds. When he looked inside the double-knotted kitchen bag in the dumpster, he was shocked to discover a newborn baby girl left for dead by her own mother.

Gerald Rocky Hyatt, the man who found her, rushed the baby to the hospital. Nurses named her Mary Grace, and her story was made famous throughout the city of Chicago.

Mary Grace was soon adopted and became Morgan Hill. Her adoptive mother, Sandi, had kept a binder full of news clippings about baby Mary Grace.

Morgan grew up knowing she was adopted, but two years ago — at the age of 20 — she finally learned the story of how a construction worker saved her life.

Morgan went on a mission to find Gerald Rocky Hyatt, the man she calls her “guardian angel.” Reporters from KHSB agreed to help track him down.

20 years after that fateful day at the dumpster, something incredible happened.

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