Doctor Sigurd Nes warns strongly

All runs a health risk from exposure to radiation from wireless technology. It claims specialist in general medicine, Sigurd Nes in Bærum. He is very critical to the health authorities’ handling of the issue and are glad that Odd-Erik Helgesen stands out with its history.

– Deregulation of the wireless technology is the world’s largest ever experiment on humanity, says Nes.

– Medically speaking, we have only just begun to recognize reactions that here in Odd-Erik Helgesen, as a biological phenomenon. But it is fortunately a growing understanding among more and more doctors that someone responds with severe symptoms when exposed to low frequency or high frequency fields or both.

Nes think it is tragic that the Norwegian authorities, the political leadership at the helm, attributed this to psychiatry.

– The European Parliament has urged European countries to lead a strict precautionary principle. World Health Organization (WHO) has declared all electromagnetic radiation as possible carcinogens. Nes says that in the long term exposure can damage the brain and destroy brain cells.

– The scientific basis consists of thousands of publications, although government and industry are trying to make us believe the opposite. Although, Nes had between 30 and 40 patients with severe debilitating reactions.

– I can not say that I have treated them, except to mitigate exposure. Our medical understanding of what is happening is very limited.

– What symptoms are common?

– At my patients there is a large gap in disease extent. What is left are headache, concentration problems, big sleep disturbances and fatigue. In addition there are many other symptoms.