Facebook “Fact-Checker” Censorship Team Funded By George Soros… Aim Is To Silence Real Facts

It’s no secret that the American left hates the idea of free speech for all. They believe that that part of the First Amendment only applies to those advocating or advancing the progressive agenda; the second a conservative speaks out, they are either viciously attacked, silenced, or both. The new global fight against “fake news” gives the left the perfect excuse to suppress right-of-center speech.

Correctiv is a nonprofit organization based in Germany that seeks to “give citizens access to information,” according to their website. They go on to say that they want to “uncover abuses of power and effectively strengthen our democracy,” which requires “investigative journalists” and “informed citizens.”

Now, the organization is working with Facebook to censor fake news. The problem? Correctiv is funded by none other than liberal billionaire George Soros. (RELATED: Read about how Facebook conspired with fact checkers to influence France’s upcoming election)

According to a report from the NGO Einprozent, most of Correctiv’s staff consists of people who formerly wrote for left-wing websites and publications. One of the organization’s top donors is the Brost Foundation established by Erich Brost, who previously worked for FUNKE Media Group and the left wing paper “Die Tageszeitung.”

But there’s more. The chief editor of Correctiv, Markus Grill, has worked for multiple liberal publications including the magazine “Stern” and another magazine Der Spiegel, which has a history of blatant anti-Trump bias. (RELATED: Find more news about attempts to censor journalism at Journalism.news)

Perhaps most significant is Correctiv’s ties to George Soros, whose Open Society Foundation has donated €26,884 directly to the Germany-based organization. Additionally, the Soros-funded Adessium Foundation, which typically focuses on environmental issues, donated €114,000 to Correctiv.

For those who are unaware, virtually anything with George Soro’s fingerprints on it is bad news. Nearly everything that he does and every dollar that he donates has as its purpose the introduction of a new world order and the destruction of conservative republicanism. He is a radical ideologue through and through. Soros once said in an interview with 60 Minutes that, “I am basically there to make money. I cannot, and do not, look at the social consequences of what I do.”

The idea of a man like this indirectly working with Facebook to determine what is “fake news” and what isn’t should make the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up.

Correctiv is not the only organization that Facebook is partnering with to sensor and combat fake news. Late last year it was reported that the social media giant was working with ABC News and Snopes to fact check information online.

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