Former Reporter Amber Lyon Exposes Massive Censorship At CNN

Whistle blower claims CNN routinely spread misinformation on the government’s request.

Amber Lyon, the award-winning journalist from CNN, has sensationally turned whistle blower and has made some serious allegations against the beleaguered news broadcaster which has suffered a series of scandals in the past few months. According to Ms. Lyon, CNN routinely adheres to the requests from the United States and foreign governments to selectively report on news stories and to make up fake stories. She has also claimed that Barrack Obama’s team assumed control over editorial coverage broadcast by the station in exchange for cash.

Ms. Lyon says that most of her anger at her network stems from a documentary she was involved in making that was never broadcast. Lyon and three other journalists traveled to Bahrain while the country was experiencing violent waves of civil unrest in the course of the Arab Spring. While she was in the Middle Eastern country, she spoke with civilians who discussed the forced disappearance of their family members, government officials who admitted to serious abuses and captured footage of regime soldiers shooting with live ammunition at unarmed protestors.

The documentary was a stark and harrowing look at life under a brutal dictatorship and was created at great personal risk for the journalists involved. However, CNN decided to completely drop it, and it was never broadcast on their network.

The reason for this was that the Bahraini regime is considered to be a key ally of the United States in the Middle Eastern theater and pressure was put on CNN to toe the governmental line. Lyon says that CNN complied with this request wholeheartedly. She describes how producers for the network brazenly inserted lies about the benevolence of the despotic regime in her scripts despite the fact she had seen the truth of what was happening in the country with her own eyes.

It is not clear at this point how this will affect CNN’s position. In the past few months, the network has been suffering the consequences of falling ratings and a series of scandals involved with the presidential campaign. Could this scandal be yet another nail in CNN’s coffin?

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