Fox News Radio Host Fired From Her Own Show Day Before She Was Having Me on As Live Guest on Doctor Deaths

Kate Dalley of Fox News Radio and The Blaze had been on Fox radio for 5 years. She had her own show “The Kate Dalley Show” and it was doing amazingly well. She’s one of the top shows I’ve ever listened to and her guests and subject matter were outspoken and told the truth. So much better than 99% of shows out there.

I was honored to be on her other show The Blaze (NOT Fox), just days ago. We were then slated to do her live show on Fox, Friday, May 20th (today), but we just found out late last night (Thursday) that she was fired yesterday, the day before I was to go on!  Again, she’d had this show for 5 long years!

I’ll be on most tv or radio shows- no matter what their politics- if they’re willing to shed light on the holistic doctor deaths.  In fact, I had been on Kate’s other show over at The Blaze just last week (listen to that in the link above)!

I’ll be interviewing Kate Dalley about all of this and suggest you do three things.

  1. Listen to Kate’s show on The Blaze (link above) where they still let her speak the truth. (the Blaze is not Fox) I am the last show she did at the top of the list. Listen to it weekly (might have to DL the Soundcloud App but it’s free)!
  2. Subscribe to my newsletter to keep up to date and so you can hear this upcoming interview I do with Kate which I hope to do in the next day or so..
  3. Read the recap here of all 40+ holistic doctor deaths too!

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