Frälsningsarmén mörkade våldtäkt mot ung flicka: ”Ville inte skicka hem Mohammed”

VÄSTERÅS Adults at a Christian summer camp were told that a girl at camp had been raped. But instead of calling the police responded to the adults that they were sorry it happened but that they “did not want to send home Mohammed”.Instead, the girl was forced to contact the mother, who was on the Finland ferry far from it. It appears from a judgment of the District Court of Västmanland.

The night on August 22 last year will be a girl raped by a young man named Mohammed at a summer camp organized by the Salvation Army. It started with the offender writes a message on a phone and show it to the girl, where he questions if she is a virgin. According to a judgment of Västmanland District Court should have the girl answered in the negative.

“Good, then I know who to bet on,” said Mohammed.

Then Muhammad on various occasions kissed and taken the girl, both on the breasts and between the legs. Although the girl in different ways marked and even bluntly told Mohammed that she is not interested, he continued. In the end, he forced himself on the girl in a sofa. The judgment says that she asked if he would rape her in which he answered “yes, if I have to.” Then was fulfilled våltäkten at the Christian summer camp.

Salvation Army chose not to contact the police

The next day, Mohammed will continue to make advances towards the girl who himself tried to avoid him. Later, the same day, the adults in the camp learned of what had happened, but they chose to never contact the police. The judgment reveals that “they were sorry, but that they did not want to send home Mohammed”.

In the end, the girl sent a text message in which she told him what had happened to his mother, who at the time was on a cruise to Helsinki. Later the girl also been taken to hospital.

Mohammed was convicted of the rape and another rape of a child – a girl who was only 13 years – to a total of six months’ youth custody. The girl at the summer camp is stated in the judgment had pain in the abdomen about a week and felt bad for eight months.

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