French Law Passed: All New Rooftops Must Be Covered Wiwth Plants Or Solar Panels

Do you live in France? If you’re getting a new house, you might have to follow this incredible, sustainable law.

A new law that was passed that mandates that new buildings in commercial lots need to have either plants or solar panels on the roof. Having a garden on your roof sounds like a paradise, one that’s easily obtainable and should be happening all over the world. Plants create an isolating effect to help reduce the energy needed to heat or cool houses.

They also absorb rainwater to help prevent leaks, provide a home to small critters and insects and most importantly it connects us back to nature. Combining modern society with the natural world is exactly what we need to do and this is a good start.

Originally, French environmental activists wanted the law to cover the entire roof but they decided to start with participially covered roofs to see how it does.

Solar panels on the roofs of businesses is amazing because it helps reduce the amount of energy they use while creating sustainable, renewable energy instead.

This concept is already popular in parts of the world like Germany and Australia, as well as Canada’s city of Toronto (which is interesting as I’m from there and never really noticed this.)

When ideas like this come out, it’s both exciting and frustrating. Why are there so little concepts like this actually coming to fruition? Many artists, designers, architects and scientists have created incredible, sustainable ideas that corporations just can’t seem to bank on so the attention is never properly given.

If we globally demanded things like this, there would be a greater push to create them. We need to collectively see the importance and demand that our world start shifting into sustainability because we truly are running out of time. 

Not to worry, there are plenty of people around the world working towards the benefit of humanity.

Benefits of Solar Energy

  • It slows down global warming as it cuts down pollution and CO2 emissions.
  • It saves millions of dollars in energy usage.
  • It’s renewable, never-ending energy that comes from the Sun, a source that won’t stop anytime soon.
  • It’s consistent even in cloudy places of the world as the energy still gets through.
  • It creates independence for humanity; we don’t need to rely on paying a government to get power which is inherently free to everyone.
  • It helps combine the natural world with our society, helping to integrate us into our natural way of life.
  • It can use recycled materials to build, creating a system of recycling rather than throwing away.
  • If you plant vegetables, it saves you money as well as increases your health and vitality.
  • It helps clean the air and filter certain gasses.

And much more for both! When we implement these ideas globally, then we can start living harmoniously with our Earth, like we were meant to do.

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