German scientist says 99.9% chance coronavirus leaked from Wuhan lab

Year-long study of pandemic’s origin concludes it started with ‘laboratory accident’ in Wuhan

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A new study based on a year of research by a German physicist has concluded that the Wuhan coronavirus started with an accident at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

Dr. Roland Wiesendanger, who specializes in nanoscience at the University of Hamburg, on Feb. 18 published a 105-page report on ReasearchGate titled “Study on the Origin of the Coronavirus Pandemic.” The study was carried out from January to December 2020 based on scientific literature, print articles, online media, and correspondence with international researchers.

In his report, Wiesendanger listed six “significant indications” that the coronavirus pandemic started with a leak from the WIV.

No natural host found

Wiesendanger points out that unlike SARS and MERS, no intermediate host between bats and humans has been found more than a year since the start of the pandemic. Thus far, there is no evidence for the zoonotic theory to explain the outbreak.

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