Government schools for kids + Government media for adults

The Wikileaks John Podesta email dump contained a very eye-opening email from Bill Ivey, who was Bill Clinton’s appointed chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts from 1998-2001.

Ivey wrote to John Podesta (highlight added):


Government forces a vast majority of American kids into a cookie-cutter manufacturing plant (called “schools”).

The inputs are young, innocent, curious, creative and unique kids. The output is a homogenized group that can’t wait to leave because they’ve learned to hate learning with a passion. Many will never read a book again in their entire life.

The kids have been also been drilled for 18 years to (a) always defer to and revere “authority” (b) follow orders, and (c) embrace statism. We all know that the “great” presidents are those who snuffed away the greatest amount of individual liberty.

Does this mean that we’re all supposed to hate teachers and that teachers are bad people? Of course not. But it should also be understood that teachers are so far removed from the motivations and inner workings of the manufacturing plant (i.e., schools) that it’s perfectly understandable for them not to know what is actually going on.

In the rare instance that a teacher does understand why this “system” was created (the early plotters were blunt about what they were doing) and what it does to kids, that rare teacher certainly has no power whatsoever to do anything about it. The best that rare teacher can do is quit and search for more noble work.

In the meantime, the “system” will continue its dirty deeds, even looking to possibly start conscripting kids for “Universal Pre-K”. What’s next, a government teacher waiting in the delivery room for the infant to be born?

But at the top of the indoctrination totem pole, the truth can be seen very clearly. The above email is not an exception. It’s the rule. Government conscripts kids into its manufacturing plants for very important reasons.

Once kids leave school, they graduate to getting their information from government’s FCC-licensed media.

What an accomplishment…

Government media takes over where the government schools leave off.

The Ivey email points out that “unawareness remains strong”. In other words, the schools and media have done their job in dumbing down America.

But Ivey also worries that “compliance is fading rapidly.”

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