Illegal Immigrants given handbook to break laws efficiently

Read this and wake up Europe, USA, Canada and Australia, you are all being duped into an organised Islamist take over and the UN is party to it, understand there are 56 Majority Muslim nations with a vote at the UN just add to them all the other dictatorships and failed Tinpot regimes with a UN vote, then add the rabid anti capitalists and what do you get?

“Recently, migrants left along with their rubbish, a copy of a “Migrant’s handbook” written in Arabic. Its contents include phone numbers to Red Cross and many other organizations, maps, migration routes, and tips and tricks on how to get to the welfare states of Europe.”

“One organization behind the book is “W2EU” or “Welcome to Europe” and was discovered by a Sky News reporter.

Sonia, a volunteer for W2EU, told Sky News that the organization distributes copies of this book for free to migrants and refugees in Turkey hoping to make it into Europe. She stated that the group is roughly 100 members large and that they are based in Europe and North Africa. The organization has set up a hotline for “refugees” to call when finding trouble on the open sea. A volunteer for the organization will answer when called and contact the appropriate coast guard to help the “refugees”.

Maps in the handbook detail the best locations for boats to come ashore along with red pointers showing migrant reception and detention centers. Several pages express welcoming messages and beautiful pictures of Greek islands with captions such as: “We welcome all travellers on their difficult trip and wish you all a good journey – because freedom of movement is everybody’s right!”.

The organization’s website provides images and information on how to migrate to almost any country within Europe not limited to the European Union. It features many pictures of migrants making the journey and arriving with smiling faces into Europe. There are nearly 40 guide books and pamphlets available for free on the site. The full book that was discovered is available on the organization’s website as well. People who are encouraging the illegal passage to Europe should be considered accomplices for people smuggling.

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