In the schools, one can see the war coming

After the Swedish policeman Peter Springare took to Facebook to explain who are behind the serious crime in Sweden, more people now come forward. They take to social media or alternative media to tell their stories, as established mainstream media refuse to do it.

This is written by a high school teacher and published on the Swedish alternative news site Avpixlat, where he pretty much predicts a civil war coming:

As I work in the Swedish school I put myself at great risk by publishing these thoughts, but after Peter Springare bravely challenged the establishment, like David against Goliath, through his Facebook posts, I feel that I am ready to give the image of how I, and more and more other teachers with me, think about the school. It is not a pretty image. Previously I have published opinion pieces about the school, but now I’m thinking it’s time to seriously talk about this.

I have worked as a teacher since 2005, with a break for sick leave, and I have a background from the Swedish left movement. Nowadays I work as a high school teacher in English and history. I accuse the current government of being non-legitimate. When parties are denied the right to show commercials, have their meetings sabotaged, their members are beaten with government approval, and the party constantly is attacked by state media, then the democratic process has disappeared and the governments formed during such elections is, in my view, not legitimate. I am not loyal to any party, should be added, not the Sweden Democrats either, but Stefan Löfven is #notmyprimeminister.

There is a rising public opinion even among the teachers, who believe that scientific teaching should come before political indoctrination. I know several teachers at several schools who are critical to how schools are acting like useful idiots for politicians and the media. I myself have participated in inquisitorial pogroms against critical thinking students at the time when I believed the media and politicians. It is something I deeply regret.

I accuse the Swedish non-legitimate governments since the 1960s, as well as the established media for this development.

Personally, I know many non-assimilated youths and feel a strong sympathy for many of them. Many want nothing more than to be naturalized Swedes. But they know that the price is a racist stamp on the forehead, broken family contacts, no support from the surrounding community, and in many cases open death threats and in some cases even torture and murder. All while the new Soviet media and its easily frightened lackeys in politics, are happily talking about the “humanitarian” superpower.

I know students who were raped by relatives, but did not dare to proceed with the complaint because they were convinced that their other relatives would kill them. I know students who lived in areas where they have not dared to testify about murder, and teachers from the academic middle class who talked about them as if they lacked courage. I know students who have not dared to take off the hijab because they were afraid of being beaten and raped by male acquaintances. I know students who did not dare say which religion they believe in, because they were afraid of groups of students with sympathies for the Islamic state who would beat them up. I know ethnic and naturalized Swedish students who talk with an accent, when they in fact know Swedish well, just to avoid being ostracized. I know students who use “fu*king whore” or “fu*king fagot” as the standard greeting to ethnic and naturalized Swedes.

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