Is Europe Choosing to Self-Destruct?

  • Europe has voluntarily begun the process of giving up its liberal and hard-fought-for freedoms. Free speech no longer exists, only — straight out of totalitarian ideologies — “responsible” free speech: “free” only if it does not “offend” anyone.
  • The desire of many Europeans and other self-declared devotees of “human rights” to cover up, downplay or explain away what is happening in Europe, in fact represents the opposite of respect for others and equality before the law.
  • Absolving such criminal behavior is not only the very opposite of justice, it is also a kind of “inverted racism” — against its own native Europeans.
  • In 2014 and 2015 Jews in Europe were murdered, raped, beaten and stalked — just for being Jewish. Signs in the street read, “Sale Juif” (“dirty Jew”), “Death to the Jews,” and “Jews to the gas.” None of these side effects of Muslim immigration seems to concern the liberals, the media, or the purported defenders of human rights — who so loudly claim to be against “racism.” Or, once again in Europe, does “racism” not include Jews?

After the mass sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve in the European cities of Cologne, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Bielefeld, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Vienna, Salzburg, Zürich, Helsinki and Kalmar, it is clear that something profoundly disturbing has occurred in Europe. By Sunday, in Cologne alone, 516 women had filed criminal charges — around 40% of them relating to sexual assaults.

The initial reactions to the sexual assaults from German authorities, the media, as well as feminists and others have not been less disturbing.

The German police first claimed, in a surreal statement the morning of Jan. 1, that the situation on New Year’s Eve had been “relaxed.” Cologne Police Chief Wolfgang Albers later admitted “this initial statement was incorrect” and, for his role in what appeared as a cover up, has since been forced into early retirement.

In the “mainstream media,” Germany’s public broadcaster, ZDF, made a decision not to report on the attacks until four days after they had occurred.

A former government official, Hans-Peter Friedrich, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s interior minister from 2011 to 2013, accused the media of imposing a “news blackout” and operating a “code of silence” over negative news about immigrants: “It is a scandal that it took days for the media to pick up the reports,” Mr. Friedrich said.

“Experts,” feminists and liberals tried to downplay the attacks by explaining them away at all costs.

One such “expert,” the German criminologist Christian Pfeiffer, described the men as “largely young, single men, who have arrived in this country and don’t know what to do with themselves… The clarification of their asylum status took such a long time that their frustrations and anger only grew.” This much-respected German criminologist concluded: “This is an alarm signal that we need to do more.” According to him, immigrants commit crimes, but the Germans are at fault because they “need to do more.”

Many feminists in Europe claimed that too much focus had been put on the criminals’ “ethnicity,” which these feminists alleged was “racism” — while ignoring that Islam is not an ethnicity but a religion. This argument was championed especially by the once-hardcore feminists in Sweden and Denmark.

Social media were also rife with excuses for men who had assembled for the sole purpose of sexually assaulting female passersby in a public square. It turns out this pastime — gang-rape — hails from the Arab-Muslim world, and has a specific name: “Taharrush.”

How does the fear of being accused of “racism” become more important than calling out gang-rape?

If any of these attempts at denial sound familiar, they should. For decades, European national authorities, liberals, and the media have either ignored, “relativized” or attempted to explain away whatever unpleasant facts accompanied Muslim mass-immigration into Europe.

The widespread sexual abuse of 1400 children by Muslim men, mainly of Pakistani origin, in Rotherham, England, for more than a decade, between 1999 and 2013, was known by the local British authorities but allowed to continue.

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