MEDIA COVER-UP!! Iran Takes American Hostages, Trump Issues POWERFUL Response

Iran is flexing its muscles once again and proving just how much its government hates America and Americans. Weak liberal policies for dealing with rogue nations in the Middle East will quickly come to an end if Donald Trump is elected on November 8th!

“Well, Iran has done it again. Taken two of our people and asking for a fortune for their release.This doesn’t happen if I’m president!” Donald Trump tweeted. The loved ones of the Iranian hostages might be holding out hope the Republican is elected and their relatives could one day be freed.

If the United States wants to bring home the American people Iran has been holding hostage for several years, it is going to cost taxpayers “many billions of dollars,” as per Fox News. According to reporting by Iran’s state-controlled press, the hostages will only be released for a price. These poor Americans were not released even when Obama and John Kerry negotiated the Iran deal!

As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, the late-night covert shipment money in exchange for these hostages, sent by the Obama administration, abruptly ended America’s long tradition of refusing to negotiate with terrorists. When Obama handed over the money to Iran, the American people were incensed.

Senior officials from within the Iranian government have been dangling the idea of a hostage release in front of Obama’s nose for many months.

The American hostages detained in Iran are reportedly being held in the country’s notorious Evin prison. This prison has a long history of abusing and torturing its inmates. Unfortunately, the health and well-being of these several hostages is unknown.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC, has been in charge of handling prisoner swaps with the United States. Several more Americans have been abducted and taken prisoner in Iran since the “ransom” was paid.

Baquer Namazi, 80, a former UNICEF official and an Iranian American, was arrested in Iran in February. His son, Siamak Namazi, was previously the last known American prisoner in Iran.

This has left Effie Namazi, wife of Baquer and mother of Siamak, in distress. After the abductions, she took to Facebook to bring awareness to her family’s plight.

“I must share the shocking and sad news that Baquer was arrested in Tehran late evening of 22, February, 2016, and as far as I have been told by those who took him taken to Evin prison,” Effie Namazi posted. “Now, both my innocent son Siamak and my Baquer are in prison for no reason. This is a nightmare I can’t describe.”

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