Meki (28) died of Ebola

Meki (28) died of Ebola: Here, sister goodbye

This woman collapsed after taking farewell to his dead sister.Liberia’s capital Monrovia is among the places hardest hit by the Ebola epidemic.

Knowing that she will never see her sister again, throwing the unnamed woman soil over the body bag that is worn away. Sister, Meki Nagbe (28), died outside his home in Monrovia earlier on Friday morning. She had gone out to try to get to a treatment center, according to the family.

The 28 year old worked as selling on a market. She leaves at least two children, nine months old Beauty Mandi and nine years old Arthuneh Qunoh.

The heartbreaking images that clearly show how patients and their loved ones affected by hemorrhagic fever, taken by photographer John Moore.

Tradition touching dead

Funeral Rituals are an important part of Liberian culture, which makes parting with those who have died from Ebola is especially traumatic for family and friends.Traditionally, died in Liberia bathroom and dressed up by the families, who often also take on and kiss the body.

Ebola is most contagious the moment and days after the patients are dead, and handling of the deceased must be made with extreme caution. A large proportion of those who have been diagnosed with the virus, have been infected through handling of dead people.

The dead bodies disinfected, wrapped in body bags before they cremated.

In an attempt to limit further infections let Liberian authorities in August prohibit burying whole bodies. The dead are burned along with all personal belongings. The family will be left with nothing, not even ashes. Cremation is otherwise very uncommon in West Africa.

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