Mobile Telephony Harm

People in laboratory conditions exposed to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields exhibit the same symptoms as humans exposed in their real lives. Laboratory experiments show, among other damaged cells and altered molecular structures.Laboratory tests show how life’s basic mechanisms of change in structure and function.

The epidemiological studies showing how health is affected if one spends much of his time in the near mobile phone base stations and handheld phones belonging to the mobile phone system, consisting of transmitter and receiver for radio frequency electromagnetic fields. Mobile phone base stations, the antenna-like, rectangular or round transmitter and receiver that is usually attached to a mast or a tall building.The base station transmitters act as coordinating devices for mobile phones. The radio-frequency fields are also called microwaves.


Below are more than 140 studies. The studies are drawn from the scientific database NCBI pub with belonging to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. The database NCBI pub I have found hundreds of scientific studies showing the impact on the mechanisms of life and how mobile telephony has serious injuries. The results of studies of the small molecules can be applied to the larger living systems.

The studies show the real damage and sometimes an influence whose meaning is uncertain.


The text deals with the scientific studies is divided into eleven sections: 1 Injuries linked to exposure to radiation from mobile phone base stations, 2 Damage to individuals caused by the use of hand-held phones, 3 Damage to the cells and genes 4 Impact on antioxidationssystemen 5 Reproductive Disorders 6 Other studies. For more information click here: