Muslims in Denmark caught with illegal machine guns

“Fuck all Danes. We will kill all and go to jihad. We are lethal to the West. Fuck Jews.”

“‘Fuck all Danes. We will kill all, and go to Jihad. Looking forward. We are lethal to the West. Fuck Jews.’

This was the message from a 25-year-old Danish law students to his friend in a text message in the spring of 2015.

The message was sent a few days before the two friends with two other friends went to Malmo, Sweden, and according to police, bought two Scorpion machine guns and ammunition. …

…during the presentation today it emerged that at two of the accused’s residence in Copenhagen is found material of a religious nature. Including various religious scriptures from Hitz but tahrir.

During the police search of the four accused’s home, they also found walkie-talkies, six pairs of gloves and six charged phones including SIM card, which was ready for use.”

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