Muslims In Macedonia Angrily Protest Installation Of A 55-Foot Tall Cross

“Ethnic Albanian” Muslims In Macedonia Angrily Protest Installation Of A 55-Foot Tall Cross, Bulldoze Part Of The Site, Start Fires And Beat Up Man Who Donated The Cross

Macedonia is approximately 68% Christian, with the majority of people belonging to the Eastern Orthodox Church. Muslims make up the other 32%, with most of them not actually being Macedonians, but rather “ethnic Albanians” from neighboring Albania.

With the approval of the government, World Macedonian Congress President Todor Petrov donated a 55-foot tall cross to be installed in the capital of Skopje. These Albanian Muslims were so angry about the installation of the cross that they hunted down and beat up Mr. Petrov and engaged in angry protests, setting fires and stealing a bulldozer to tear down the fence set up around the area where the cross is to be installed. The protesters also placed Albanian flags all around the site as part of the protest.

The protesters were led by officials of the largest ethnic Albanian party in Macedonia, the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI).

The group was led by high ranking official of DUI Izet Medziti, who is president of the neighboring municipality of Cair. A monument to the black double-headed eagle, the symbol of Albanians, was unveiled in a Chair roundabout on February 16.

The protesters at the roundabout in Butel last night set up tents and Albanian flags, previously tearing down a fence around the foundations for the cross that had been built in the previous days under the supervision of the police.

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