“NORWAY’S FIRST INTERNATIONAL TERRORIST” Is Now Paid By Government To Defend Islam And Attack Opposi.

This is a strange and worrying story that gives all of us an insight into the mind-set that is the Norwegian Socialist Government of today. What you are about to read is the history of one man called Lars Gule, (see his wiki here).

This failed, socialist terrorist, who was arrested smuggling explosives for the palestinians to use against Israel, has now petitioned the Norwegian Government for 10 million NOK so he can carry on his work of “researching” Islam in order that he may use the knowledge gained to fight “right-wing” opposition to the islamic takeover of Norway.

In other words this terrorist , jew hating, islam loving failure (he calls himself a professor), want’s the Norwegian Government to pay him to continue his perverted and twisted campaign to defend islamic aggression and put down any opposition like The Norwegian Defence League and other islam critical opposition groups.

And you know what? The sad thing is that the naive Norwegian Government will probably give him the money in the hope that something good will come of it.

It does not get much sadder than this does it?

Anyway this is his sad and sorry excuse of a story – Enjoy!

Please note that parts of this article are translated using google so some grammar and syntax errors are uncorrected by us.

Social commentator Lars Gule has been called “Norway’s first international terrorist”. 33 years ago he stood at Beirut airport with 800 grams of explosives in his backpack. Here is his dramatic story.

lars2Lars Gule is not nervous. He did not feel that he has special reason for it. The security guard opens his bag, put two big books aside and starts rummaging around in his underwear.

What’s the worst that can happen if the security guard finds explosive? I, like Norwegian, probably will not get anything other than a rap over the knuckles and a warning, thinks Gule.

The year is 1977 and Gule has after all spent a good while in Lebanon now. He has wandered amid the chaos. He fell asleep to the sound of machine guns and set gunfights from the roof of the building where he lives.

What does 800 grams of plastic explosives from or in such a situation? Explosives intended to frame their common enemy Israel. The security guard looks up at the soon 22 year old Lars Gule – the itinerant backpacker with jeans and Tunic of peace Norway as a nation.

Then he takes hold of books and tearing up the cover.

Young Lars Gule is radical and deeply engaged in a world that is beyond safe Larvik, where he grew up. He is internationally oriented, and concerned with liberation and environmental policies.

He is not alone. Many in the 60s and 70s think a lot about these issues. They live in a time of much turmoil, and young radical people in the West see oppression and colonial warfare everywhere. They see what they believe is imperialism ugly face: Rich capitalist countries with a need to ensure resources and values ​​by controlling the poorer countries economically and politically.

It is the root of all evil, and the resistance increases at the grassroots level. Solidarity Work becomes important. Some engage by taking educational, and by collecting money and signatures.

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