Parliament shoots down proposal for constitutional assessment before Norway emits sovereignty

Proposal Constituent-study before Parliament transferring sovereignty over the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority Brussels, was voted down by H, Labor and FRP.

After Party and the Christian Democrats did not through their proposals for legal assessment before adopting Norway’s adherence to EU financial supervisory arrangements. It involves the largest emission of sovereignty since the EEA Agreement was adopted in 1992.

Both the Centre, requesting an independent investigation, and KrF, who want the Supreme Court to express their views on the matter, was emphatically voted down by the Conservatives, Labour and the Progressive Party.

Labor and the Conservatives: – Good enough illuminated

Thus it appears that the government’s proposal will be beaten through finishing in Parliament Monday.

– Why you fear that we will have elucidated the matter better? asked Party leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum debate.

Labour’s Svein Roald Hansen stressed that it is a long and reliable tradition of Parliament based on the information the government puts forward.

– The constitutional aspects of the case have been examined in hearings in the case, said Hansen, who also believes that the case has been given sufficient time:

– The case was submitted by the deadline we had set in order to be processed before the summer holidays. The case has been worked on for a long time. It has been informed about these issues from 2009, and oriented in the national budgets and the EU and EEA disclosures, said Hansen. He also pointed out that the Minister of Finance presented the solution that was found in Europe Committee meeting in October 2014.

Trond Helleland (H) took Hansen’s vision.

– We will discuss financial supervision on Monday. Then we considered the matter properly, he said.

KrF overtime

Roy Steffensen made clear that FRP will vote against. He was challenged by Vedum:

– In FRP there are several representatives who are as concerned as we are.However, the Progress Party representatives unattached to vote as they please?Is the attitude of the FRP that whips people into place in such a conscience?asked Vedum – but got no answer.

Hans Olav Syversen (Chr) admitted that the issue of financial supervision has been treated both in a hasteinnkalt consultation and extensive deliberations.

– When we from Christian Democrat side proposes in overtime to request the Supreme Court prepare a report on association with the EU financial supervision is within the constitutional framework, we ask anyway that one meets there, said Syversen.

Nor it was granted.

Snorre Valen Serigstad (SV) stressed that the party is a supporter of better joint international supervision of the financial industry.

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