Petraeus SPEAKS…What He Says About Obama & ISIS STUNS Nation! – WHOA

In one of her trademark failed attempts at humor, Hillary Clinton insulted former CIA director General David Petraeus by calling him “General Betray-us.” It was a typical low-class dig by the woman who now wants to be Commander in Chief.

Petraeus is getting the last laugh, however. In an opinion piece carried by the Washington Post (which is definitely not a “rightwing” media outlet), the one-time commander of U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan offered a candid if diplomatic assessment of Obama’s foreign policies — for which Hillary shares responsibility as his Secretary of State:

While acknowledging that U.S. support of Iraqi forces had made some difference in the conflict — most notably successes in the Islamic State stronghold of Mosul — he said the sectarian challenges created could plunge recaptured cities into Islamist violence and give birth to a new, more potent strain of the Islamic State group.

“There is no question that the Islamic State will be defeated in Mosul; the real question is what comes afterward,” Petraeus wrote. “Can the post-Islamic State effort resolve the squabbling likely to arise over numerous issues and bring lasting stability to one of Iraq’s most diverse and challenging provinces? Failure to do so could lead to ISIS 3.0.”

“U.S. forces today obviously lack the authority, remit and sheer numbers of the U.S. elements in Iraq in 2003. They also do not have the mandate that we had in the early days,” Petraeus wrote.

But I thought Donald Trump was “crazy” when he called President Obama “the founder of ISIS”?

Petraeus is using measured language but his message is clear: Obama’s decision to sit on the sidelines and let the situation in Syria sort itself out has allowed the Islamic State to metastasize. Hopefully, the next president won’t make the same mistake.

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