Rage against Erna adviser: She juxtaposes Hege Storhaug with terrorists

Per Sandberg stirs up sharply over the answer Undersecretary Laila Bokhari gave when she was asked who was the most dangerous voices.

– That Bokhari equate Storhaug with Bhatti and terrorists is simply unacceptable, says FRP deputy Per Sandberg, VG.

The reason is the following:

State Secretary Laila Bokhari visited the radio show lounge on P2 Monday. Topic of conversation in parts of the radio program was radicalization and terrorism. The answers she gave in the program got Sandberg to react.

When Bokhari was asked who is the most dangerous voices in Norwegian public today, said Bokhari following:

– There are people who are left unchallenged and taking things out of context. There are several, but I do not want to name anyone. There are several of our knowledge in the media that may come out with an article or something that just stays there without any arguments. And they are dangerous.

After several questions on the people who matter most dangerous voices, she says:

– If Arfan Bhatti and Hege Storhaug remains unchallenged, I mean we have a challenge in creating a debate environment so that their opinions are not the truth.

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