School Entrepreneur supports decapitation

One of the applicants to engage in private Muslim school in Norway believes Muslims who do not fast must beheaded.

Syed Farasat Ali Bukhari is a Norwegian-Pakistani imam from Ammerud in Oslo. He has applied to the Directorate of Education to run primary for 200 Muslim children.

– Must beheaded

– If a person eats and drinks public during Ramadan, he ridicules Islam. And are competent in a Muslim society / state, so the authorities decapitate him, says the imam in a video on YouTube nettetedet.

The application to Bukhari is not finalized, but it is carte blanche for anyone seeking to start a private school only one he finances in order.

In the application to the Directorate of Education says nothing about decapitation. However commits Bukhari to follow the curriculum, Education Act and the Private. And he is a qualified applicant – the economy is in order.

Hege Storhaug in Human Right Services are not shocked by what she hears.

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