Speaking The Truth Does Not Make You A “Pessimist” Or “Doomsayer”

The U.S. government is the biggest government to ever exist on the face of the Earth. In order for such a tragedy to occur, American citizens necessarily have to believe in a lot of fairy tales (especially about the government). It can be no other way. 

A free society filled with individuals that enjoy their natural liberty cannot coexist with any type of big government, let alone the biggest government to ever exist!

The fairy tales begin as soon as the government gets to “school” you. For most people, it’s kindergarten. Many in government want you even earlier than that, if you can believe it. Some are pushing for “Universal Pre-K”!

The average person is “schooled” by the government, until they “graduate,” and are passed on to the government’s licensed media. It’s a smooth transition from one to the other, and the fairy tales are kept in tact and perpetuated. The “official” narratives become like concrete.

Anyone who questions or deviates from the official narratives is labeled an oddball or “fringe” individual. In fact, even thinking of yourself as an individual, instead of a meaningless and disposable spoke in the “public” wheel, is borderline indecent.

Following the crowd is the religion, and following your own conscience is heretical.

It doesn’t matter if the “heretic” speaks the truth either. If the narrative from cradle to grave is 2+2=5, then only a “doomsayer” would say that 2+2+4. Best you adjust your attitude to the “public will” and just accept that 2+2=5.

Those who gravitate towards the truth, no matter what the truth happens to be, must necessarily be in the minority at a time of big government. It can be no other way. Being in the majority is not an option.

As a part of this minority, it means that when you speak the truth, you’re often castigated as a “pessimist.” 

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