Stop Burning Women to Death in Horrific “Honor Killings”

Stop Burning WomenTarget: Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan Prime Minister

Goal: Punish those who tortured and burned a woman to death in a gruesome honor killing.

A teenage girl was choked, injected with poison, tied to a van, and then burned to death. A Pakistani tribal council ordered the so-called honor killing after the girl allegedly helped her friends elope. Demand that justice is served for the victim of this gruesome tradition.

The brutal honor killing took place just days after the couple ran away to get married. A 15-member tribal council convened to hold up the long-standing tradition of punishment. They targeted 16-year-old Ambreen and claimed that she was involved in the lovers’ plot. Ambreen received a common punishment for women who disobey the law in Pakistan — death by fire.

Though honor killings are illegal, they still happen. About 1,100 women were killed by relatives in Pakistan last year simply for disobeying men. This is unacceptable. Sign below and take a stand against honor killings.


Dear Prime Minister Sharif,

Over a dozen men sentenced a teenage girl to death in a so-called honor killing. The girl endured horrific torture before she was burned to death. We demand that you take a stand for Pakistani women and stop honor killings.

Sixteen-year-old Ambreen was choked, injected with poison, tied to a van, and then burned to death. A 15-member tribal council sentenced her to this punishment because she allegedly helped her neighbor and her neighbor’s boyfriend elope.

Pakistani women live their lives in fear. Even the smallest offense against a man can result in their death. We demand that the men who tortured Ambreen endure a harsh penalty and ask that you put an end to this horrific tradition.


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