Sweden Admits ‘Trump Right’ While Media Refuses To Cover

Sweden is on fire. Literally, immigrant riots are plaguing the city. This just days following President Donald Trump’s claims that Sweden isn’t a safe space after all, due to what he’s long stated to be a failed refugee policy.

And now Swedish officials, who initially defended Sweden’s reputation from Trump’s statements, is now changing its tune.

According to Daily Mail.

Residents of rundown Rinkeby, where nine out of ten residents are immigrants, have spoken out about how they live in fear, as Swedish politicians and police officers admitted that ‘Trump was right’.

‘The situation is here is terrible,’ one resident said. ‘I am scared most of the time when I leave my apartment. I have been assaulted twice and robbed once since I moved to Rinkeby. The criminal gangs can do what they want.

No matter what your particular view on President Donald Trump may be, it is difficult to call him wrong on the matter.

Sweden has a history of immigrant uprisings. Back in 2013, Sweden’s multicultural melting pot resulted in massive riots that saw flames turn parts of the country into ashes. They burned down a police station. Gothenburg and Malmo suffered greatly.

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