While Sweden is busy fighting the patriarchal oppression of snow (yes, really), they seem to have overlooked their own funding of the Islamic patriarchy.

A Swede who converted to Islam and joined the fight for ISIS in August 2014, Michael Skråmo has been receiving welfare payments from the Swedish government for over a year.

The total amount of handouts came to the equivalent of approximately $5310 before Sweden’s welfare agency, known as Försäkringskassan, became aware of the issue and suspended the payments.

Having fought alongside ISIS at their Aleppo stronghold, Michael has since changed his name to Abdul Samad al Swefi. He has also appeared in numerous propaganda videos which often include his own children, whom he brought with him during his conversion.

After realizing Michael had become a terrorist convert, Sweden’s welfare department sent a letter to his former home, informing him that his welfare checks would be discontinued.


“Försäkringskassan has stopped payments of child benefits and housing benefits for your children,” read the letter.

Michael also prompted the attention of debt collectors who have sought him out, without success.

In a sarcastic letter, Michael’s wife, who also became an ISIS sympathizer, told the debt collectors, “To make it simple for you, you don’t need to send more papers to me. I am not in Sweden and am probably never in my life going to come back… so for your own sake, can you just drop it all ;)”


According to Magnus Ransorp, a terrorism researcher in Sweden, “It exposes how weak the system seems to be in its control mechanisms. Michael Skråmo has been one of the most well-known IS sympathizers for quite some time.”

Over the past few years, Sweden has reacted submissively to the Islamic migrant invasion, welcoming Muslims with open arms in spite of the massive cultural changes taking place as a result.

Just last week, a Swedish chef was jumped and savagely beaten by three Muslim men because, according to him, he “looked like Donald Trump”:


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