Terrorister istand til å skyte ned fly i Europa?

Spansk anti-terrorpoliti melder at de har foretatt et stort våpenbeslag like før det skulle bli solgt til terrorister. Beslaget inneholdt 12.000 våpen og inkluderte antiluftskyts.

Police said the weapon trafficking network was terrifying in its size and capability – which now includes anti-aircraft weaponry.

Den spanske innenriksministeren kommenterte:

“Several anti-aircraft guns capable of bringing down aircraft” were seized on Thursday, along with thousands of rifles.

“Among the innumerable seized pieces are complete percussion mechanisms, recoil springs, retaining parts, guns, bolts, cylinders, frames, firing mechanisms and locking systems, all intended for the rehabilitation of weapons.

“For this, they had a sophisticated and complete workshop for the repair and in its case reactivation of the firearms.”

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