The REAL Racism

Nearly 14 Million Blacks Still Enslaved, But Not By Whites

The United States is in turmoil over racial tension. Professional race-baiters and fear mongers continue to make a massive profit from hustling their followers into hatred for whites. But should black Americans be angry at white Americans? If not, should their anger be directed at someone else?

Legally, the last slaves were freed in Kentucky and Delaware by the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution in 1865, but black slavery still exists in many countries. In fact, black slavery in particular is alive and thriving in Muslim countries.

Around 11.5 to 14 million black slaves are being held by Muslim masters as part of a religious right given to those who pledge allegiance to Islam.

The best kept secrets of the Muslim world include large populations of former African slaves in places like Pakistan, Iraq and Turkey. While Africans in Israel are not descended from slaves, Afro-Arabs, Afro-Turks and African-Pakistanis are living reminders of a Muslim slave trade that sometimes still lingers on.

Many black slaves are abducted from Africa, much like that of the Atlantic slave trade. The difference is that Islamic countries have never warred over the moral standing that slavery violates the most basic human rights.

Slavery is an extremely profitable business for Muslims. Whether for sex or labor, slaves are often sold as soon as they hit puberty. Young girls are inspected for beauty, health, and other physical attributes that might contribute well to child-bearing. Young men are deemed fit for physical labor or other chores.

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