The Tear Drop “A Gift From The People Of Russia To The USA” – And Why You Weren’t Told About It

I got to confess– I didn’t even know this memorial existed. Nevertheless, it took me 2 seconds to recognize why– it received zero promotion. Now why do you suppose that? Why hasn’t the media expressed their gratitude? Name me another country that’s done more? This is a spectacular memorial which fades into insignificance whatever the real terrorist gangsters are attempting to do at ground absolutely no. The very thought of Larry Silverstein & Frank Lowy having anything to do with the memorial for 9/11 victims is gut-wrenching!

About 50 million people go to New york city every year & more than 8 million live there however nobody seems to have actually become aware of The Teardrop … yet it’s a 100ft tall, 175-ton memorial to those who passed away on the city’s blackest day.

The best technique an enemy can play is to make everybody think everyone else is their opponent!

The Zionist managed US media provides the beautiful memorial (gifted by Putin) a total silent treatment. The monument is barely known, even amongst regional residents of Bayonne!

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