This Woman Has The Perfect Way To Explain Consent To Men Who Don’t Understand It

“No means no,” and “being unconscious means no,” may seem like a simple enough concept to understand, but apparently it isn’t. So Twitter user Nafisa Ahmed decided to explain it in words that even idiots can understand. Her epic analogy got a lot of attention on Twitter…

I don’t get how rape is so hard to understand for some men. But, if you put it like this, they get it:

She starts…

If you ask me for $5, and I’m too drunk to say yes or no, it’s not okay to then go take $5 out of my purse… Just because I didn’t say no.

If you put a gun to my head to get me to give you $5, you still stole $5. Even if I physically handed you $5.

If I let YOU borrow $5, that doesn’t give the right for your FRIEND to take $5 out of my purse.
“But you gave him some, why can’t I?”

If you steal $5 and I can’t prove it in court, that does NOT mean you didn’t steal $5.

Just because I gave you $5 in the past, doesn’t mean I have to give you $5 in the future.

If you can understand alllllll of that, how do you not understand the concept of rape?

Ok, rant over. Times like this are good because it lets me know which men to avoid spend any time with or in the vicinity of.

And to think a man said “Well she sat on his lap & went to his house.” Okay, if I ask you to hold my purse, does that mean you can take $?

Get it now? Ahmed’s tweets were received with applaud by other users…

@thatxxv I’m not chastising anybody…But being aware of how much alcohol u can consume before u don’t know between yes/no is being an adult