Toys war against Israel seriously

Children at summer camp in Gaza are trained in hatred and terrorism against Jews and Israel.

Once again it comes images of minors Hamas gathers to summer camp to teach them how to kill Jews. On a picture that Israel Army (IDF) has posted on Twitter, we look Hamas fighters wearing black head scarves where only the eyes are visible while registering young children from Gaza this year’s summer happening: They are at summer camp and learn how they can exterminate the Jews and remove the entire Israeli government.

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Thousands of Muslim children in the Gaza Strip receive this summer training in the most effective terrorist methods, and the brain washed to believe that the murder of Jews is the noblest they can do to satisfy your god, Allah. Enrollment of the young “soldiers” takes place in a mosque in Gaza City.

These summery activities, Hamas and Islamic jihadists doing for several years to educate the rising generation of Palestinians in its hateful policy towards Israel.

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