UN-AMERICAN! Newly elected Somali Muslim representative from Minnesotastan takes oath of office on a gigantic quran

Why is she allowed to take the oath of office on a holy book that calls for the killing of unbelievers (Jews and Christians), promotes wife-beating, allows forced child marriage and advocates execution of homosexuals and apostates, not to mention the overthrow of non-Islamic  governments? Why is a woman who allegedly engaged in marriage and immigration fraud allowed to serve in the House of Representatives? This is the result of Barack Hussein Obama’s policy of using taxpayer money to fund the import of tens of thousands of Muslims from terrorist nations like Somalia.

Ilhan is the same Muslim woman who Reportedly Married Her Brother but the Feds refused to investigate her immigration fraud. h/t CreepingSharia

Ilhan Omar, who proudly wears the Islamic supremacist headbag, became America’s first Somali-American Muslim woman legislator after she claimed a strong victory in the Minnesota House race.

Time  The 34-year-old moved to the U.S. at the age of 12, after four years living in a Kenyan refugee camp following her escape from the Somali civil war, the Star Tribune reports. As well as her political duties, she is director of policy at Women Organizing Women Network—a group that aims to empower all women, particularly first and second generation immigrants, to become engaged citizens and community leaders.

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