US GENERAL Sends Dire Warning About Muslim “Refugees”…Media Silent

The media refuses to report on the very important aspects of the European invasion of Muslim and North African opportunists. The bigger problem is the refusal of the press to state the trends and facts about the recruiting of “refugees” to ISIS.  This is something Americans need to know about because this increases the risk of bringing any of these “refugees” to America.

Islamic State affiliation is spreading like cancer among refugees, which threatens Europe, says NATO’s commander in Europe, US General Philip Breedlove.

Refugees from the Middle East and North Africa “hide the movement” of terrorists and criminals, was Breedlove’s message in a speech in Congress on Tuesday.

Breedlove said the extremist group IS is “spreading like cancer” among refugees.

IS members exploit the least resistance, which threatens European nations and our own nation, “said Breedlove.

He was asked by one of the journalists to substantiate the allegations with statistics, but said he could not provide any figures to estimate the size of the flow of IS fighters, writes The Guardian.

Breedlove’s statements are met with a cold shoulder from the Refugees welcome activists.

– We’re talking about finding needles in the haystacks. It is not said that there are no dangerous needles in those haystacks, but in sum it is about people seeking protection and people who do not have bad intentions, but on the contrary are grateful that someone are willing to help them, said Bill Frelick, head of Human Rights Watch’s refugee program.

– Giving in to fear after the horrific attacks in Paris will not protect anyone. To fail to help would be cowardly and a tragic victory for the terrorists, says Amnesty’s International’s director John Dalhuisen.

Then of course their salaries depend on these kind of naive statements.

If you had a bag of fruits and you knew some of the fruits were extremely poisonous, would you bring them home? Even without trying to figure out which fruits were the lethal ones.

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