WATCH: Man PROVES Software Stole Votes In ALL ‘Hillary Won’ Counties (VIRAL)

“For $15 and in-depth knowledge of the card, you could hack the vote,”

First, Wikileaks forcing DNC chair to resign in shame.

Now, we’ve got testimony saying the voting boxes themselves were tampered with.

Elliot Crown was one of a few citizens allowed to speak and used his time to point out PROOF of possible voter fraud considering ALL NYC counties hillary won were with THIS special black box…

It gets worse. As in: ranking member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee sending concerned letters to DHS “worse”: “Election security is critical, and a cyberattack by foreign actors on our elections systems could compromise the integrity of our voting process.”

Seeing how VERY easily the DNC private email was compromised, (not to mention seeing how VERY willing Hillary & her henchmen were to cheat) it might concern people to learn JUST how easily the voting machines can be tampered with.

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